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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 46.]

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)


[In the phonetic transcription " represents the elision of an aspirate, whioh gives a pronunciation like that of h in the
French word hole. Z 5s somewhat softer than the s, of seal, but not so soft as the « in plwuvrt. The letter > (above the
hne) is very faintiy pronounced, and is, indeed, hardly audible.                                 .„.,.. , . , ^ ,. ... >

Pronounce a asthe a in A««;<f as the eia meti.5 astheo in hot ; and oi as in oil. The letter o (without say dmcritical
mart) represent the sound of the first o b promote, and is the o in the French word totre as compared with «&«
It should be carefully distinguished from the o of hot,

Other consonants and vowels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]

Yyak   janer   dui-di   cbMoyal achbilo.   Tago   maidde   chhota-di  tar   bapere
Ak   edner   dui-di    sdwdl       dsilo.    Tago    maidde     soto-di     tar bdpe-re

One      man's         two*           sons              were.         Them        among       the-yoanger      his    father-to

kai!5   <baba,   amar   bhage   ye bitti    Vasad   pare    ta   amare   d'ao.'   Tate tini

Mlot  'Mid,  amar   V&ge    *e   bitti   Mshad  pare    to, amare   dad.'     Tate tini

Baid,      'father,       my      in-share   what wealth        goods     may-fanthat    me-to       give.'    Thereon    he

tan   bishay    liompatti   tago    maidde      baita    diUan.    Tar-par   kichiu     dia
tdn,   ttshoy    sbompotti   tago    motdde     mta     dildn.     Tar-por     Jcisu       din

to-them   chattels          wealth          tiem        among    laving-divided     gave.         That-after         some         days

pare    ai otoota cbiaSyal-di *ar    sagal   taka-kari   y^akatra   kaira    y'ak    dur

«ore    oi    soto     saudl-di   tar   shogot   {aM-Jtori    dMtro     koira     ak     dur

afteWard. that     young            son  '        U.         all            money           together  having-made      a         fir

dyase   cMla    g^alo.    Sekhane    giya   tar   ya-kiehhu    achbilo     ta    badkli^ali
ddshe   teaiU      gdlb.   Shekhane    ffte    tar     sd-kisa       dtild       ta     bodkhdU

±ryl hTving-gone    .en,           There    having-gone hi,         whatever            was          that       *»**.

kaira    uraiya     dila   Tar-par   tar    ya    aelihUo   ta    yakhan   sab    klioyailo
MM    «««      *«• T&r'Pdr    Ur    ™      **Ud     **    *****   Sh

LavVngllhaving-wastedhe-gave.   That-after       his      what         wa,        that       when          all

sei    d'aie     bam    akal    poilo.    5^-par    se     ai    dr    fSk

tokhdn    shei   ddsM    lord    akdl    potto.   Tdr-por    she   ot    dasher     iOt      son
to         «    count-in   ,great    famine       fell.        ThaUfter       he      that   country-of        a         aa»
mainser kaottie   giya    alraya   lailo.     Se   tare    fate    cbaraMr    laiga matM
Mfitadfr   Mse      gid    dsroyo    Wo.   She   tare   Mr  *****    to&   «fi*b
^ou-of        near   having-gone   refuge        took.        He      him         of-feedmg         for     m-the-field
pathaiya dilo. §uorera ye kbosha kbaito ta diya p>at bharaner laiga tar
pathdid dtio. Shwrerd ze JchosM khdUo ta did pat ^oner laigd tar
Ssent gavo: Pigs what husks wed-to-eat that with his-belly of-filLng for of-huu
kata iohcblia    koMo.   Kintu ked-i    tare   la    dito    na.   Tar-par yakhan   tar
koto   itstshd     Mrto.   Eintu   Mo-i     tare t&    dito    na.   Tar-por zokhm tar
howllh      wish  h,,   But    anyone-eveu him-to that used-to-give not.    That-after      when       i.
chaitatfa    liailo,    takhan    se     bhaiblo,     'amar    baper    kata     mayana-kara
•±r s (±- °y a? '™ *&>£..
ohakortti phaaya-obhamya ru(i   khay,   to   5mi  khitej  man!   Ami